Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We On

Yo things is moving in a major way...I got a couple of different moves coming up. Inspiration is key to anything and i thank the people around me that give it and i hope i also give it to them. So look out world cuz not only am i coming but my whole fam is coming. UPS Musik we cant be stopped. Also shout out to Brick of Enhancing Good Looks Barbershop, for being there and believing in me & Brian S. of Street Official also for the support also. We on our way. Oh yea Jorge Peniche good look'n on the pics homie there are big shout out to him. some links to checkout:


A Dash Etc Etc

July 4th was dope, I kicked it wit some homies, an 80's Party, and I did a lil show, ya kno. With the help of Etc Etc...we tore the house will be posted too. I know its the 16th but ya boi is busy. any way on to things that matter now im currently lookin 4 a spot to do another show any suggestions would be accepted. anyways heres the vid. Enjoi

A Dash Etc Etc from A-Roc on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend Update 7/01/08

Man I need to stay up 2 date wit this tell people about it. this is the 3rd blog i've praticaly written 2 myself..lmao...anyway couple of things have gone down in the last week or so. Busy Busy Busy....1st i had a show on thursday for the IE Hip-Hop Awards, i was nominated but didn't win, but i tore the house down wit my performance. Right after the show I went to Lave Havasu with a couple of the homies. Monday ya boi celebrated my 22nd b-day. Shout Out to all the people that came out and showed love on the space. And 3rd a photo shoot wit the UPS Crew by acclaimed photographer Jorge Peniche. Shout Out to the homie, Dude is ill. check him out @