Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend Update 7/01/08

Man I need to stay up 2 date wit this tell people about it. this is the 3rd blog i've praticaly written 2 myself..lmao...anyway couple of things have gone down in the last week or so. Busy Busy Busy....1st i had a show on thursday for the IE Hip-Hop Awards, i was nominated but didn't win, but i tore the house down wit my performance. Right after the show I went to Lave Havasu with a couple of the homies. Monday ya boi celebrated my 22nd b-day. Shout Out to all the people that came out and showed love on the space. And 3rd a photo shoot wit the UPS Crew by acclaimed photographer Jorge Peniche. Shout Out to the homie, Dude is ill. check him out @

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