Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Start-Up Mixtape (2008)

Its almost been a year since the release of The Start-Up Mixtape, So here is a link back to it so y'all can get it or help me promote it again...Enjoy

Peace Y'all

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Man Jay-Z killed it on the MSG show he did on the 11th. Real inspirational and motivation for aspiring musicians. I can only hope that I could ever put on a show of that magnitude and that good.

Also I'm diggin the Blueprint 3. He did it again folks. "What We Talking bout, Thank You, Empire State of Mind, So Ambitious" Theses are classics. The main thing that I love is that he grows with his music. Its not about the same thing over and over. As he matures so does the music. So with that I gotta go hard on my music going forward. Laziness has been a plague in my life over that last few months, even though I have been recording. Time to get it down to business as the business man should.

Show me some love and light the fire under my

Peace & Much Love,


Sunday, August 23, 2009

In London

So Folks I'm in the UK for the past few days...its been quite the experience. with one more day to get thru I plan on doing it up big. I've had an adventure so far and please believe there will be pixs and vids....yes vids. New music too. i know yall been waiting and i been slacking but once u hear it i promise you will approve. so live from the UK peace and much love.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Working & mo' working

Started working on a live version to an "untitled" track...its going so good. plus other works are in motion. so be ready to hear some new music from ya boi real soon. i know you've been patient but its worth the wait trust me. by the end of this year you will hear a new sound from me. so keep believing in me.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back @ It

Back @ it again folks. I said I needed to stay on top of this and I haven't been so I get a slap on the hand and a SMH. Anyway I have been working like a slave on this new musik. I'm telling u the new ish is fire. I planning on recording the rest of the stuff real soon. So continue to support and keep up with me. I promise to be on this more. Big things movin. I got a lot more to tell ya in a few days. Peace and Much Love,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A-Roc Interview for N.o.W.

*We are just about 24 hours after you suffered a concussion at the hands of The Rebel in the XI Main Event. How did you feel when you got backstage?
I felt fine at first and then it all went down hill. I couldn't remember anything about the match or what happened that day.

*How do you feel now?
I'm doing fine now. I'm still recovering at home.

*What caused the injury during the match?
The Punt Kick did me in. My own moved used against me. Talk about irony.

*Do you feel your concussion was the ultimate downfall for you in your match?
Yes. I was completely out of it after that. I'm sure if I didn't suffer an injury in the match I would have came out victorious just like I said I would.

*With the King of the Yard tournament staring at the next event, are you going to be ready to compete and cleared by July 12th?
I can't be certain. I'm talking it over with my doctor. It is still to early to get a determination on that. As far as my mind state goes, I feel I will be ready to compete by then. I can only remain positive.

*The King of the Yard will crown a new #1 contender for the Heavyweight title, do you plan on getting that and going after Rebel again?
If I'm able to compete, I would like to do nothing more than to become King of the Yard and take back what is mine and that's the NoW Heavyweight Title.

*Now that you have had your rematch for the Heavyweight title that ended with a loss, what's next for A-Roc in New Omega Wrestling and King of the Yard?
Rebel is lucky that I sufferd an injury. That is the only reason why I loss. Without me in the main event picture, I don't see my future any dimmer, I see NoW's future not so bright. I will continue to be #1 with or without the belt.

*The other member of Bomb Squad, Frost had a losing battle against Havik for the Xtreme title. How do you feel about that and their match?
Frost went out there and took Havik to limit. Although Frost lost, he showed that he could hang in an Xtreme match time and time again. This time he didn't pull through he still had a hell of a match.

*Any chance we will see Bomb Squad (A-Roc & Frost) in another tag team match?
Yeah. Its a great possibility. Our chemesty is there and we have similar wrestling styles. No one can deny we are a force in NoW.

*You guys are singles competitors first right? Is there any chance we could see Bomb Squad as NoW Tag Team champions?
We are single competitors, but as you know I have always been a team player. Any one can look at my NoW career and see that. If you are prepared to see the tag division get a wake up call then the Bomb Squad is the team to do it. NoW Tag Team Championships are just in our reach if we wanted them.

*Thank you for your time A-Roc, we hope your recovery goes well and we hope to see you in the ring at the next show. Is there any last thing you would like to add or say to all the people reading this?
No matter if you like me or hate me, you can't deny that I am the elite wrestler out of the whole roster. And when I do return I'll be better than I ever was. Thanks for seeing if I was ok, but I'm always as solid as A Roc.

Via N.o.W. Myspace

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Update

So I've been real lazy as you have probably noticed considering my last blog was in Feb. So a couple of new updates are present right now.1st off I went to Vegas last weekend which was cool...shout out to all the March B-Days out there, cuz there are a lot of you considering how many functions i've been invited to in the month of March. Also Skool is gonna be over next week so I'm sad and excited that its over but I'll have a separate blog for that later. Last but not least a tour featuring your truly and my music fam is going down. Its fittin to be dope, i will update you all on that once everything is final. Man I swear im gonna stay on top of this especially when im on the road. i have a few ideas in mind for the next couple of blogs so stay tuned.



Saturday, January 31, 2009

Palmer Room Show x New Songs

Yo Palmer Room was Crazy on Thursday Nite. A cool lil crowd and your truly ROCked the house. Did a cool 20 min set. Big ups to the people who came out and supported and to NoHo Ent. for bring me out and showed some love. I got invited back for Feb 20th so I think I'm gonna do it. I'll keep you guys posted. BIG NEWS: @ the show I unvield a new song and an updated version of "In The Zone"!!! It was Bananas!!! here is a pic from the show also u can check more out @ my myspace


Friday, January 23, 2009

Late On This But My Resolution Is....

Well My Resolution this year is to do it BIGGER & BETTER than last year. Last year was a great start for me with good momentum for self growth and my music...I definitely had fun and learned a lot about life. Certainly not everything, but a lot of experiences with or thru other people and with just myself.

Musically I had to really count on me for inspiration and the desire to do things by myself since i was no longer part of a group. Being Solo allowed me to pursue topics I wanted to talk about and have the freedom to do what i wanted when i wanted. Not like I didn't have that before but it was just made official.

I truly was a solo artist and i began doing shows just billed as "A-Roc". I got radio play on regular and internet radio, did about 10 shows, nominated for Best New Artist in the I.E., Collaborated with an Indie Band Etcetera Etcetera, and released my mixtape The Start-Up.

All in all i have to say that I was pretty successful in my 1st year of just going out on my own. That's why I plan on making this year even better and becoming more successful in Music and my other interest. Thanks to all of you that made these things possible and believed in me cuz without you I couldn't have done all these things.

Well until next time Peace & Much Love to Ya.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My President is Black and Jay says it too

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare on Vimeo.

I love this ish right here...Change in Honor of our 1st Black....I mean African American President Barack Obama