Friday, January 23, 2009

Late On This But My Resolution Is....

Well My Resolution this year is to do it BIGGER & BETTER than last year. Last year was a great start for me with good momentum for self growth and my music...I definitely had fun and learned a lot about life. Certainly not everything, but a lot of experiences with or thru other people and with just myself.

Musically I had to really count on me for inspiration and the desire to do things by myself since i was no longer part of a group. Being Solo allowed me to pursue topics I wanted to talk about and have the freedom to do what i wanted when i wanted. Not like I didn't have that before but it was just made official.

I truly was a solo artist and i began doing shows just billed as "A-Roc". I got radio play on regular and internet radio, did about 10 shows, nominated for Best New Artist in the I.E., Collaborated with an Indie Band Etcetera Etcetera, and released my mixtape The Start-Up.

All in all i have to say that I was pretty successful in my 1st year of just going out on my own. That's why I plan on making this year even better and becoming more successful in Music and my other interest. Thanks to all of you that made these things possible and believed in me cuz without you I couldn't have done all these things.

Well until next time Peace & Much Love to Ya.


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