Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Burning Question

Disclaimer: No Disrespect to anyone that does this, I'm just tryna figure out why People do this.

Ok, so we all know that people are dying to get their music heard to the masses and looking for that all mighty success. And there are many avenues to do this and most artist take the road of Myspace or other things. But there is one thing that I haven't done but never really wanted to do, and this is mostly pertaining to Rappers. That is tryna get people to listen to your CD & sell your CD on the street. WHY!!! Why do these "Artist" think that people care about your music enough to stop whatever they are doing to listen to your MUSIC???!!! I mean your basically cold shopping your music to whomever is walking on the street, basically judging people by their looks to see if they like your genre. And then pressing them to get and buy your music. What makes you think that they like your music enough to want to buy it after one listen. You have a better chance of selling them while you perform on the street. I'd be more incline to see an artist perform the music and then I buy their music. I just dont get this selling the CD in a Wal-Mart or Best Buy parking lot or a gas station. I know people hate being approched by a stranger in a public situation out the blue. Why do people continue to do this? This mentality of selling the cd out the trunk is good only if YOU HAVE A FAN BASE!!! Otherwise your wasting your time with tryna move your product. I respect the hustle, but also there are smart business moves. I'm just saying...People lets get it right

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